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Law and Order Walking Tour (Cops and Robbers) of Lower Manhattan

Walk the streets of New York City with a real police detective and visit the actual locations of crime scenes from movies, television shows and real life during this two-and-a-half-hour tour. During the fascinating and informative walk, you will see what lies beneath the glamour and glitz of New York’s underworld: the hangouts, the haunts and the hideaways of the Big Apple’s most notorious criminals, both real and fictional. And you’ll hear all the sordid details from a licensed P.I. who’s worked with every level of law enforcement, from the local to the federal.

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The Twin Bridges Walking Tour

“Over the great bridge, with sunlight through the girders making a constant flicker upon the moving cars, with the city rising up across the river in white leaps… The city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Now do something completely different: a walk across two of the most iconic bridges in New York, The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, all in one 90-minute tour. As incredible as it may sound, you can achieve what most New Yorkers have never done – a walk across two bridges in one fell swoop.

On the bridges, you view the city from a whole new perspective that will refresh even the most jaded, seen-it-all, New Yorker. Bring your camera to capture sights both iconic and startling: from the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor, to the canyons of Downtown Manhattan and the elegant edifices of the Upper East Side, to the contrast between soaring skyscrapers and seedy tenements.

If you can’t fall in love with this city again after a walk on a great bridge, it might be time to move.

And it’s one of the safest tours in New York! Your tour guide is Ike Ilkiw, retired NYPD Detective, lifelong New Yorker, and founder of NYC Adventure Tours.

Green-Wood Cemetery: Off the Map

Explore the sights of Green-Wood that aren’t listed on the map! See the hidden gems and strange secrets of New York’s foremost Victorian cemetery. With a focus on the scandalous and lesser-known inhabitants of Green-Wood, on this tour you’ll see the final resting places of femmes fatales, revolutionaries, suicides, artists and murderers

Crime and Vice in New York’s Old Five Points

Life in 19th Century New York was filled with murder, corruption, and vice of all flavors. This 90-minute walking tour examines some of old Gotham’s most brutal and infamous crimes, some still unsolved, all set against the backdrop of a bustling city that seethed with scandal. Join us as we venture into the site of the former Five Points and explore the shadiest, tawdriest, and most notorious stories of 19th century New York.