About Us


Ike Ilkiw, NYC Adventure Tours Founder and Tour Guide.

Ike was born on the Lower East Side of New York City in the early 1960’s…his family moved to Brooklyn in 1963, and he grew up in the Brooklyn Cypress Hills neighborhood. He worked at various jobs, but was appointed to the to the NYC Transit Police in 1982, and was promoted to the rank of Detective in 1986. It is from his experiences of growing up in New York City and being a NYC Police Detective that he decided to start the NYC Adventure Tours web site.

Ike is a licensed New York State Private Investigator, and has worked with every level of law enforcement, from the New York City to the Federal level, including FBI, and The DEA.

Ike has assisted in Television Show development and story ideas from “Amsterdam” (2007) and his first screen credit with “Pelham 123” in 2009.

Check out Ike in a short online YouTube – Ghosts of Washington Square Park, and his IMDB Resume Page: Ike Ilkiw.


Andrea Janes, Marketing Director.

Andrea lives in Brooklyn, New York, across the street from a cemetery and a high-voltage ConEd substation and hopes that one day, maybe during a thunderstorm, this combination will result in some really cool zombie action. Andrea is the author of Boroughs of the Dead, a book of New York City ghost stories. Check out her book and her tours at www.boroughsofthedead.com.


Amada Anderson, Webmistress.

Amada is a professional tour guide and web designer. She is the CEO and founder of New York Broadway Tours, and a passionate musical theatre lover! She also runs her own non-profit called Thrill The World NYC which teaches Michael Jackson’s legendary Thriller Dance for world records and charity. Want to see her in action? Visit www.newyorkbroadwaytours.com.


Andy Sydo, Tour Guide

Andy, the “Guides of Guides” has been a licensed New York City tour guide for over 14 years. (Yes, he used to take tourists to the Twin Towers.) In addition to his tours, which have taken him all over the five boroughs and North Jersey, he has been an activist for tour guides, as well as an educator of them, through his noted e-mail list of tour guide information.