Law and Order Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan: True Crime and Famous Movie Locations


Walk the streets of New York City with a real police detective and visit the actual locations of crime scenes from movies, television shows and real life during this two-and-a-half-hour tour. During the fascinating and informative walk, you will see what lies beneath the glamour and glitz of New York’s underworld: the hangouts, the haunts and the hideaways of the Big Apple’s most notorious criminals, both real and fictional. And you’ll hear all the sordid details from a licensed P.I. who’s worked with every level of law enforcement, from the local to the federal.

This true crime walking tour is unlike anything else in Manhattan! You’ll get the inside scoop on actual crime scenes from a real NYPD Detective, and visit some of the city’s most notorious filming locations for movies such as the Godfather and others.